"Would you hurry up and get those kids loaded already!"
―The Organ Grinder[src]

The Red Triangle Circus Train was a vehicle that the Penguin's Red Triangle Circus Gang used to snatch the first-born sons of Gotham City. It pulled five empty wagons behind it.


Batman ReturnsEdit

The Organ Grinder drove the train while fellow prominent gang members like the Snake Woman and Sword Swallower put the boys in animal cages. Later in the evening Batman intercepted the train after learning of the plan at the Maxquerade Ball. After striking a pose on top of the train during a lighting flash, Batman proceeded to further intimidate and interrogate the Organ Grinder. After taking care of the situation, Batman gave a handwritten note with his insignia to the circus monkey to deliver to the Penguin. The police were likely alerted to the captured thugs and the train seized.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Originally the kidnapping was going to be a much grander segment, involving action scenes with Catwoman arriving to help fight the gang and free the children. When Wesley Strick hired and scenes had to be cut for scheduling and budget, the first things to go where fights with circus goons in the third act. The explains why Selina completely disappears for a large gap of time in the final film after the masquerade ball. Some promotional material includes imagery of Catwoman helping fight the gang near the end of the story like the Six Flaggs ride in Germany and the coloring book.


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