Loyal duo, the Ventriloquist's two main henchmen are Rhino and Mugsy.

Character History

Rhino and Mugsy are two of the Ventriloquist's henchmen.

The Ventriloquist is most accompanied by Rhino who serves as a loyal bodyguard. Rhino is sometimes portrayed as genuinely believing Scarface to be the boss, but more often is shown as humoring Wesker (and sometimes forgetting and addressing the Ventriloquist directly, to Scarface's outrage). Rhino, as his name implies, is a massive, musclebound thug. His real name has been referred to as Frederick Rhino. Rhino also has a sister named Moose, who nearly as strong and loyal as he is. She takes his place on Scarface's team, in place of her brother who is currently in prison. During an appearance in Legends of the Dark Knight, Moose briefly takes over the role of ventriloquist to Scarface until the puppet could be re-united with Wesker. Rhino is also always partnered with another member of the gang.

Mugsy is a smaller person in size, but is a reliable criminal. Mugsy appears to be the more subtle of the two. A tall, thin, wide-eyed man, Mugsy is apparently the only member of Scarface's gang who fully believes that the Ventriloquist and Scarface exist as two separate personalities in the same body (that of the Ventriloquist).

Powers and Abilities

Rhino and Mugsy possess great strength, but have no superhuman powers. They are normally armed with a handgun of some sort.

In other media

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