Robert Kincaid was a former microbiologist for Stagg Enterprises, a teacher, and one of six victims to Professor Pyg's unethical experiments to eliminate physical imperfections.


Born with a distinct birthmark on his chest as well as losing some toes to frostbite, Robert Kincaid was a microbiologist for Stagg Enterprises. However, at some point, he was rumored to have been shot for reasons relating to his knowledge to controversial research for the company, although it was never confirmed, the only hint at veracity being a bullet from an outdated hunting rifle lodged into his upper right arm. Eventually, he was transferred to Atlanta for a teaching post.

Around this time, the Circus of Strange travelled to Atlanta, which resulted in Kincaid being abducted during this time by the group. Upon arriving at Gotham City, Robert Kincaid was experimented on by the group's leader, Professor Pyg. As his flaws were severe enough that even Pyg couldn't fix him up, Kincaid was instead murdered by the deranged doctor by overdosing him on pain-killers and then dousing his fingerprints with acid to remove any remaining trace of his DNA. He was then hung at a penthouse located at Miagani Island, with the word "Imperfect" on top as well as opera music blaring nearby.

Batman eventually found his corpse when trying to solve similar crimes being conducted. Due to his lack of viable DNA to identify directly, Batman instead identified him by various anomalies in his body and then cross-referencing him with other reported missing people matching his profile.

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