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After defeating the Penguin, Batman decides to take on a youthful protégé known as Robin.

Behind the Scenes

  • Robin was originally planned to be included in Tim Burton's Batman films at various points. However, the character was continually scrapped.
    • In Tom Mankiewicz's script, Robin would retain much of the same origin as his comic counterpart. However, the Joker was responsible for his parents' death and, with help from Rupert Thorne, frames Batman for the death of his parents. After discovering the truth, Dick dons the Robin identity and helps Batman defeat the criminals.
    • In pre-production for Batman, Robin was planned to be featured. Child actor Ricky Addison Reed was cast as Dick Grayson.[1] In Sam Hamm's original drafts, the Joker killed the flying Graysons during a chase scene. Dick immediately attempts to avenge his parents by leaping onto the Joker Van, but is caught and held at gunpoint. After convincing Joker to spare his life, Batman brings to Wayne Manor. Dick later rescues Batman from Joker's Goons after he is injured during the Batwing's crash and, at the film's conclusion, joins his crusade as Robin. Burton had a strong dislike of the character and fought against it every step of the way. Hamm also admitted it was not easy to fit him in the story and style they had laid out. The character was subsequently dropped in following revisions.
    • Robin appeared in various scripts of Batman Returns (then known as Batman II), once again at WB's insistence. In Hamm's original drafts, Robin as a homeless prepubescent vigilante who gradually became an ally to Batman.[2] In subsequent drafts, the character was changed to an unnamed teenage garage mechanic, who fixed the Batmobile after the Penguin wrecked it. Marlon Wayans was cast, and signed for a sequel. However, when Wesley Strick replaced Waters as screenwriter, many elements of the script, including Robin, were scaled back for budget at the last minute.
  • Though constantly cut out of Burton's films, a version of Robin (played by Chris O'Donnell) would be featured in both Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. For a time, this character was considered part of the "Burtonverse". However, after the announcement of Batman '89 and its disregard for their events, many consider the films' iteration a different version of Robin.


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