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Robin was Batman's ally in protecting Gotham City.



During the second world war, multimillionaire industrialist, Bruce Wayne and his teenage ward, Dick Grayson were employed by the United States Government to seek out and destroy the Nazi menace, going undercover as Batman and Robin, costumed super-heroes whose very appearance struck fear into the hearts of criminals. Their latest mission was to take down Prince Daka, a Japanese scientist who had been sent to make the preparations for invasion neutralizing any potential resistance by turning everyone in into mindless zombies however Batman shut down his little shop of horrors and Robin accidentally killed him by opening a trap-door that led to a pit of man-eating alligators, Daka being ripped to shreds by the carnivorous reptiles letting out one last blood-curdling scream. Batman and Robin continued to fight in the war effort until eventually retiring when it came to an end. They decided they would still masquerade as Batman and Robin but use their abilities to clean up Gotham City which had become overrun with criminals.

Batman and Robin[]

After the war effort, Batman and Robin seemed to distance themselves from the government and set their sights on cleaning up the streets of Gotham after the city was hit with a crime wave. Their latest foe was The Wizard, a mysterious cloaked figure and criminal mastermind who used his ingenious inventions that he had in fact stolen from the famous scientist, Professor Hammil to bully and intimidate the entire town into doing what he wanted but was ultimately unmasked by The Dynamic Duo as Hammil's assistant, Carter who stole his inventions to terrorize Gotham and become filthy rich. He was thrown in jail and his reign of terror was brought to an end with Batman and Robin setting off into more adventures..............

Behind the scenes[]

Dick Grayson was played by Douglas Croft in the original 1943 serial, the first live action interpretation of Robin. Johnny Duncan took over the role in the 1949 followup.