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"Gotham needs a Batman, and Batman needs a Robin"
―Robin to Batman as the New Dynamic Duo

Robin (Damian Wayne) is the son of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. After the death of his parents he took up the mantle of Robin alongside Batman (Dick Grayson).


After retiring from the Mantle of Batman, Bruce Wayne married Selina Kyle and left the mantle to Dick Grayson. He and his spouse had a single child named, Damian Wayne. Bruce groomed him in hopes of one day becoming Robin, though Damian took little interest in becoming a hero. He and his family were attacked by "Joker's" son while visiting Batman's Museum. Both Damians parents were killed in the attack, he was then taken in by Grayson.

In spite of Justice, Batman tried to confront the Jokers only to be captured, Damian then decided to become Robin and save him. The two battled the Jokers as the new Dynamic Duo and proved that Joker's son was not in fact a Joker at all. With this they defeated the Jokers and continued their conquest as the caped crusaders. Several years later, Damian took up the mantle of Batman to truly walk in his fathers shoes with a son of his own as Robin. It's eventually revealed that the whole adventure is a story written by Alfred for fun.


  • This Robin is a mix of the Robin written in Batman #145 story "The Son of the Joker", and the most recent Robin who did work with Dick Grayson in a similar manner.
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