Dr. Roxanne 'Rocky' Ballantine's became one of three women posing as Batwoman. Not one, not two, but three different women make up the persona of Batwoman. One was the brains (Rocky), one was the money (Kathy) and one had the will to make it happen (Sonia). The three of them met through Sonia—Kathy met Sonia in an art class and Sonia was roommates with Rocky in freshmen year at State University. Ballantine's fiancé, Kevin, was thrown in jail for being framed for a crime the Penguin committed—but was never charged for. Her ‘computer geek’ persona was the perfect cover for her not being a candidate for being Batwoman—something that even fooled Batman until end. In part due to her 'geek' status, Rocky is somewhat self-conscious. She has multiple embarrassing moments, including showing her klutziness during a business presentation. She even blushed when making a Freudian slip in front of Bruce Wayne.


Rocky Ballantine is a computer wiz who was engaged to her finance: Kevin. A week before Dr. Roxanne 'Rocky' Ballantine's wedding the Penguin framed her fiance Kevin for smuggling. Enraged, Rocky vowed to take down Penguin and free her true love. She joined Sonia Alcana and Kathy Duquesne as three women posing as Batwoman. She helped Tim Drake with a video game and she later visited her love interest: Kevin, at the Gotham police station, telling him that she's close to freeing him and getting the Penguin to prison.

When Rocky returned to her apartment, she was, unknownst to her at the moment, visited by Batman. Batman and Rocky clashed briefly, a fight in which Rocky proved considerably and surprisingly adept in. Later, Rocky and Sonia, with Batman and Robin's help, saved Kathy from Throne and Penguin, captured the two criminals, and freed her love interest: Kevin from prison, having the charges pressed aganist Rocky cleared.

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