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Roxy Rocket is a minor comic book supervillainess and enemy of Batman.

Character History[]

Roxanne "Roxy Rocket" Sutton was formerly a stunt double for a Hollywood actress. However, she lost her job after she tried to make her stunts too dangerous that no company would insure her. Out of work but still hungering for thrills, Sutton began stealing jewels for The Penguin. Unlike other villains in Gotham City, Roxy's crimes were fairly benign. She was always the one being put at risk. Batman also took risks in his attempts to catch Roxy in midair chases, leading Roxy to believe Batman was a kindred spirit who understood the pleasure of risk-taking. In the end, however, Roxy realized her crush was unrequited when Batman had her arrested.

RoxyRocket 1

Batman chasing Roxy and her Rocket

Roxy Rocket made her first canon comic book appearance in the pages of Detective Comics #822, written by Paul Dini. She is trying to shake Batman off her rocket speeder after she has stolen ion thruster plans from Gotham's S.T.A.R. Labs. This does not work. They crash high on the Sprang River Bridge and it takes Batman an hour and a half to get them both down.

In Justice League Adventures #6, when the time-traveling villain Chronos captures Batman and several other Justice Leaguers and attempts to auction off the heroes to the highest bidder, Roxy attended the auction, apparently interested in bidding on Batman. However, she was revealed to be the heroine Hawkgirl in disguise.

Roxy resurfaces in Justice League Adventures #10. Here, she is briefly shown using a rocket pack instead of her usual rocket speeder.

After a lengthy absence from the DCU, Roxy made her first proper appearance in Batgirl #6, as one of the villains in Roulette's game. She lures Batman to think she has the hostage but it turnes out to be a trick. She next appears when she sees that Doctor Phosphorus has grabbed Batman but Batgirl jumps on to her Rocket and pushes her off. Batgirl then guides the rocket in to Doctor Phosphorus jumping off at the last second. She is shown battling the new Batgirl, Stephanie Brown, on the cover of Batgirl #7.

Powers and Abilities[]

Roxy is a former stunt double, who enjoys danger. Due to this, she is always putting herself at risk. She has proven herself an expert thief, and often she would deliberately commit her thefts in plain sight, relying on her guile and the speed of her rocket ship to let her make her escape (and because she always preferred a chase to a clean getaway). Roxy has had some experience in acrobatics, and has trained herself to be a good hand-to-hand combatant.

In other media[]

Batman: The Animated Series[]

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Video games[]

Roxy Rocket appeared in the video game Batman: Chaos in Gotham, based on The New Batman Adventures. She is a sub-boss for level 4.