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The Royal Flush Gang was a criminal gang in Gotham City, consisting of members each known as King, Queen, Jack, Ten and Ace respectively.


The Walker family were a group of well to do crooks who committed crime for enjoyment and sheer thrill. They adopted costumes to conceal their identities theming themselves after playing cards, becoming known as the Royal Flush Gang. They then preyed on Gotham City during Batman's early years. The gang all utilize weapons shaped like playing cards that can fly across the city on card-shaped sky boards. Ten (real name Melanie), the daughter of King and Queen, is constantly torn between her empathetic and hardnosed sides and develops a semi-romantic relationship with Batman.

Melanie eventually leaves the gang after becoming dissilusioned with her families activities. Later Ace is destroyed and King is shown to have been having a romantic affair with Paxton Powers' secretary Sable Thorpe as he was fed up with living in his predecessor's shadow. The family is arrested, but Jack is bailed out by his sister and takes an honest job at the restaurant where she worked.

While they do not have any superhuman powers, King is a master swordsman and Ace is an android with extraordinary strength. All the members have access to, and thusly, possess high-tech weaponry. They all sport the suit of Spades.


  • King (voiced by George Lazenby)
  • Queen (voiced by Amanda Donohoe & Sarah Douglas)
  • Jack (voiced by Scott Cleverdon & Nicholas Guest)
  • Ten (voiced by Olivia d'Abo)
  • Ace