SANCTUS is a former division of the Agency, in charge of experimentation and research into new weapons for the organization. After seemingly being shut down, the organization continued to operate in secret. They are responsible for the creation of a biological weapon known as Project LOTUS, which became the target for a group of criminals called the Pact.


Not much is known about SANCTUS's past, with the exception of its ties to the Agency. As the organization's scientific division, they were responsible for creating new weapons that could be deployed by the organization. However, their tactics for doing so was considered unethical, even by the Agency's standards, with use of human test subjects and experimentation with biological agents.

At some point, the Agency tried to shut SANCTUS down, leading to the organization cutting ties with it and going underground. They would create a number of black-sites to house their projects, most notably one hidden underneath the Bodhi Spa. At some point, they employed a criminal known as "the Riddler" to help develop the regenerative agent Project LOTUS. When he accidently became infected with the virus and survived, SANCTUS kept him for the purposes of experimentation. Riddler eventually escaped and, unknown to SANCTUS, left a backdoor into their network, allowing him to gain access to their files.

When the Pact was assembled, Riddler would decide to get revenge on SANCTUS and steal Project LOTUS from the laboritory. Along with the other members, they planned a heist on the black-site. It can be possible that SANCTUS thought they were safe after hearing about Riddler's death. Regardless, the Pact would later discover the location of the black site and targeted it after final preparations.

What Ails You

After the discovery of the lab, the Pact would attack the Bodhi Spa to steal the virus away from the lab. Depending on whether Bruce Wayne gave himself or Catwoman up as a mole, the casualties will either be increased, if he took the blame, or reduced, if Catwoman was given up. Eventually, the group made it to the LOTUS laboratory and tried to extract the virus. However, many samples were either destroyed by Wayne or Batman, either using the fire suppression or knocking over the containment unit. However, Harley Quinn managed to escape with a LOTUS sample.

Shortly afterwards, the Agency arrived and captured both SANCTUS employees and the remaining Pact members. SANCTUS's equipment was later handed over to the Agency, along with their research data. It is believed that they were used for further experimentation and possible reproduction of the LOTUS virus.


  • "The Riddler" (deceased)
  • Various Scientists (fate determinant)
  • Various Security Personal (fate determinant)
  • Bodhi Spa employees (fate determinant)
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