Salvatore "Boss" Moroni was a crime boss who was located in Gotham City.


"Boss" Moroni was a mob boss who was put on trial for an unknown crime, during which, he threw acid at Harvey Dent, Gotham's District Attorney. Batman was unable to prevent that, and the acid scarred the left side of Dent's face, which created his second personality, "Two-Face". His current status was unknown, he was presumed killed by Harvey Dent became Two Face.


  • The character's official name in the comics was Salvatore "Sal" Maroni. In Batman Forever, the character was called "Moroni", just like in his first appearances in the comics, like "The Crimes of Two-Face" (Detective Comics #66, August 1942) and years later in "Free Faces" (Detective Comics #563, June 1986).
  • Unlike other continuities involving Two-Face and Maroni, nothing was revealed in Batman Forever as to whether Two-Face enacted or desired revenge against Boss Moroni. If he did, then he may already had, since Two-Face was obsessed with killing Batman, for arriving too late to stop Moroni.
  • Moroni was likely found guilty of the crime that he had stood on trial for, or was given a new sentence for his brutal attack on DA Dent.



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