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Sam was one of Gotham Tonight host Mike Engel's camera operators.


Sam followed Mike Engel from the Gotham Tonight studio to follow the MCU, lead by Lt. James Gordon, as they led Coleman Reese to safety following a death threat made against Reese by the Joker.

Sam also followed Engel to Gotham General Hospital, to report on its possible demolition by the Joker. When it began blowing up, Sam and Engel ran to a nearby school bus loaded with hospital patients and staff. As Mike looked back at the hospital in astonishment, Sam reached to him from inside the bus, and pulled him aboard to seeming safety.

Sam, along with Mike and the rest of the passengers, were taken hostage by the Joker and his thugs inside the Prewitt Building. The hostages were dressed as the thugs, complete with clown masks, while the thugs dressed as the hostages. They were saved when Batman came to their rescue.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Sam's name can be heard when Mike Engel calls to him "Keep rolling Sam" after a civilian begins shooting at Coleman Reese.


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