Sam Hamm's Batman II differs greatly from the story and characterizations in the Daniel Waters drafts.

The plot revolves around stealing buried treasure from the Raven Society, and finding five raven statues that belong to wealthy families in Gotham including the Waynes. The Penguin is a established criminal in prison, who hires Catwoman to steal them.


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  • Christmas setting and snowfall
  • Batman is framed for murder, a swarm of bats attacks christmas shoppers
  • A transforming glider cape is used after being menaced by Catwoman
  • The Batmobile is chased by squad cars and plows through cars on the road in an action scene
  • A swarm of bats attack Penguin in the finale


  • Dick Grayson and Vicki Vale are major characters
  • Commissioner Gordon plays a larger role, dialogues with Bruce Wayne
  • Bullock appears, but his first name is changed to Eddie
  • The only other name Penguin is referred to as is Mr. Boniface
  • Penguin isn't a sewer dwelling monstrosity, but prefers cold temperatures
  • Penguin doesn't hijack the Batmobile or betray Catwoman
  • Selina Kyle works as a curator for the Flugelheim Museum.
  • Catwoman is an established expert thief
  • Catwoman is just as strong as Batman, able to lift him off the ground and easily defeat him in combat
  • Catwoman uses firearms and kills often without hesitation
  • Catwoman carries a knapsack uses a low-tech grappling hook
  • Catwoman's cowl is a modified bondage mask and has weaponized spiked heels on her boots
  • Batman's cowl is described as "helmet-like" fastened at the neck by a velcro-like seam
  • The chest emblem is now gold rather than yellow, mentioned and described several times
  • Batman uses his glider cape more than once for casual travel, not just emergency escape
  • Batman uses his smoke bombs and the color of the smoke is described as black
  • A traditonal roped-Batarang is used like the beginning of the first film
  • Only regular Batarangs are thrown, no new hi-tech versions appear like the Super-Batarang
  • The Batmobile voice commands via remote control unit during autopilot are used
  • Gotham Square is shown rather than Gotham Plaza, a large tree is present but not relevant to plot
  • The final battle takes place in Wayne Manor and the Batcave rather than an Old Zoo


Tim Burton disliked the script and parted ways with Hamm. Daniel Waters also disliked the story, and likened it to a "Hardy Boys mystery."

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