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Savant is one of the candidates for Task Force X.



Brian Durlin, better known as Savant, is the spoiled heir to an enormous fortune. Savant had moved to Gotham to become a self-styled vigilante. However, after Batman discouraged his involvement in vigilantism because of his lack of care to protect others, he turned his own formidable computer skills into a profitable blackmailing business. Savant was joined in this by an ex-Russian KGB agent named Creote. Creote is Savant's devoted follower and is secretly in love with Savant. Savant later kidnapped and brutally tortured Black Canary in hopes of getting the real identity of Batman from Oracle. He was, however, defeated by the Birds of Prey after Oracle called in Huntress. Oracle then decided to attempt rehabilitating him, mainly because he was too dangerous of a force to have against them, even in jail. Like his namesake, he is a genius; however, due to a chemical imbalance he exhibits a non-linear memory and seems to be quite forgetful. Savant has also exhibited feelings for Oracle, probably rooted in his envy of her computer skills.

Savant went on, under Oracle's control, to clean up a Gotham neighborhood. However his unique methods lead Oracle to regret her decision. Savant and Creote then joined forces with The Huntress to take over the Gotham mafia by placing Huntress as capo.

As part of a plan by the Calculator to get to Oracle, Savant was kidnapped and tortured by agents of the The Society. However, his non-linear memory helped him to resist the interrogation, making it appear to last only a few hours rather than the days it had really been. He was rescued by the Birds of Prey and out of anger pushed the Black Spider out of a window. Spider survived, and the Birds did not have to condemn Savant for murder, though he did end his association with Oracle.

Later, he turned up alongside the dozens of former Birds of Prey and friends of Barbara gathered to help confront Spy Smasher.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Genius
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant


  • Non-linear memory