"Let's explore this terror together!"

Scarecrow was one of the members in the Society. A psychopathic anarchist, he plots to spread terror on a global scale.

Injustice 2 Edit


Powers: Edit

Phobokinesis: Controls his victims' fears.

Corvidophobia: Summons a hallucinating murder of crows.
Chemophobia: Spits out fear-toxin at his enemies.
Entomophobia: Summons a hallucinating swarm of insects.


Superhuman Strength: Strong enough to split his enemies in half.

Superhuman Durability

Abilities: Edit

Psychology: Crane is a genius psychiatrist specializing in anxiety disorders (specifically phobias).

Toxicology: His chemical genius led him to the creation of his potent fear-inducing chemicals.

Spanish: Scarecrow seems to know Spanish as desmonstrated by his battle with Blue Bethis when he understood the foreign translation of his name (E'spantapájaros) and mentioning Beetle's grandmother (abuela).

Trivia: Edit

  • Robert Englund voiced other DC villains such as the Riddler from The Batman series and Felix Faust from Justice League/Justice League Unlimited.
    • He also voiced the iconic Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, who also inspires fear.
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