Bruce Timm, Paul Dini and Mitch Brian created the Screen Writer's Bible to outline Batman: The Animated Series before the series began in 1992. It contains characters descriptions, sketches, color coding, and episode conceptualizations.


This is the first known description of Renee Montoya. She was raised in Crime Alley and her husband, also a police officer, was killed in duty.

She hates Bruce Wayne and everything he stands for. Inclined to spend off-duty time in volunteer work for St. Joan's Catholic Church, she believes that Wayne is selfish and deaf to the cries of Gotham's poor. She wishes she had kids and has a real soft spot for them, as well as a strong dedication to her family.

The Bible outlines most of the recurring BTAS rogues gallery, although Harley Quin was not yet created. The Bible mentions several villains that were never animated.

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