The Secret Society of Super Villains is a crime syndicate organized to support the U.S.S.S.L under the direct authority of Lasin Adnama, the Supreme Leader of the Villainous Troops.

Lasin Adnama's origins are made clear in the 6th issue of the Rebirth of a God arc written in 1996 by Commander Castro from Cuba, which deals into the troubled growth of the youth who would eventually be groomed by his experiences to run the second largest illicit organized syndicate in human history. Despite their notoriety in the underworld, this organization is largely not involved in traditionally illicit activities but is rather a historic military organization that was conceived by Adnama as a tool meant to exploit the remnants of the poisonous world left behind by the brutish actions of the Great Drumpf in charge of Lexcorp and utilize these powerless humans by incorporating them into pro-Socialist revolutionary forces prepared for matyrdom.

The aim of the Secret Society of Super Villains, which currently still remains unfulfilled is to birth a whole world suffering from a sum total of conflict, yet in the midst of many glorious operations to rescue drunken zebras the human costs of leaving millions of human beings to continue to suffer in the dust of erroneous capitalism has caused global protests at their inhuman conditions. This arc has yet to be devloped but DC Comics states that this situation was alleviaited through the help of the original Robin, Dick Grayson who wanted to prevents Bat's from being sent to Arkham.

The secret society of super villains operates within the underworld of the world with intentions of undermining the corporate agenda with focus on alleviating the global human condition with minimal care for ethical implications. Once feared by even Ra's Al Ghul in his prime, this organization is organised in a devotedly hierarchical order with classifications from Officers to Gods under which the Supreme Leader is a considered an unquestionable deity capable of dealing the penultimate judgements and justice upon humanity's masses for their crimes.