Selina Kyle, in the reality of JLA: The Nail, as in many realities, was Catwoman, and an enemy/ally of Batman, later assuming the name Batwoman to assist him.


Prior HistoryEdit

Unlike other continuities where Catwoman began as a straightforward criminal, she is diagnosed in this reality as simply enjoying playing a "cat-and-mouse" game with Batman, having recently surrendered to the police to clear her name.

JLA: The NailEdit

During her time in Arkham, the Joker attacks the asylum armed with Kryptonian gauntlets provided by the story's secret villain, forcing the inmates to fight each other— Catwoman being the last one standing—before Batman arrives. Although the Joker uses his gauntlets to brutally murder Robin and Batgirl while forcing Batman to watch, Catwoman distracts him long enough for Batman to escape Joker's hold and destroy the gauntlets. He then proceeds to kill Joker in a trauma-induced rage, taking the gauntlets and Catwoman back to the Batcave before lapsing into a trauma-induced state of catatonia. With Selina and Alfred having broken through Batman's grief, Bruce manages to identify the gauntlets as Kryptonian in origin using Hawkman's extraterrestrial database before a transmission reveals that the JLA have been almost entirely captured as 'alien invaders'. Each wielding one of the gauntlets, Selina becomes Batwoman and joins Batman in rescuing the JLA from captivity, followed by assisting him in the final battle against the Kryptonian Jimmy Olsen. Although Batman resigns from the League after he is cleared of the Joker's murder- courts ruling the death as an act of war-, he remains stricken with guilt for his crimes, although an article by Lois Lane in the aftermath of the crisis speculates that Catwoman will make his life a little less dark.

JLA: Another NailEdit

A year after Robin and Batgirl's deaths, Batman and 'Batwoman' briefly travel into the afterlife to investigate recent supernatural disturbances with the aid of Deadman, Batgirl, and Robin's spirits appearing to forgive their mentor for his failure to save them before he returns to life.

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