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She-Cat was a bitter and resentful enemy of Selina Kyle, and growing up together in an orphanage, Selina refused to befriend Cassandra on many occasions.


Catwoman (Volume 2)[]

Her first appearance is in Catwoman #42, where Christina Chiles developed the suit in Syntex labs. She used her own brain pattern to build the suit's prototype, and used herself as test subject. If it would work, the suit would then go to mass production. Her first combat test was against a burglar, who turned out to be Catwoman. Cyber-Cat was winning the battle, but Catwoman escaped through the sewers. Christina saw it as her failure. As she leaves, Bullock investigates the scene, only to leave a few minutes later. However, in a short distance was a passing woman looking like a cat.

In Catwoman #43, infuriated at her loss, Cyber-Cat began a personal vendetta against Catwoman. As Catwoman managed to elude her Cyber-Cat became more and more fixated on tracking her down. Another confrontation with Catwoman resulted in failure because of the help of Catwoman's rival She-Cat.

In Catwoman #44, Catwoman was attempting to steal scrolls for a buyer that she calls Zee. She is then sent back to the same place to apprehend "The Widget", a computer code device. As Selina re-enters the lab, she finds Cassandra, or at this point She-Cat, with the Widget in her possession. As She-Cat enjoys her moment of glory, Catwoman's whip wraps around her, Selina knows it's the "copy cat", the one that is responsible for the museum robberies. They then start a "cat fight", literally. As their going at it, they're fight is cut short by a guard. The two felines decide to hold off on their fight until they make it to the exit. But before the fighting ended, Selina realized that the woman known as She-Cat, was quite familiar.

In Catwoman #46, while Catwoman is on her daily walk, she meets face to face with She-Cat, and starts to figure who she is. While battling, Two-Face sees this and sees that this is an opportunity to get the Cat, as she keeps putting him prison. She-Cat and Two-Face join forces against Catwoman, but she saved as the GCPD with James Gordon surrounds them. Sadly, they all evade capture.

In Catwoman #47, what was a union, turned sour, as She-Cat and Two-Face wanted to off the cat differently. They decided not to work together, but agreed to kill Catwoman. However, Two-Face knows that he doesn't mind killing She-Cat either. Catwoman, meanwhile, steals a book from one of the two, and she is chased by Two-Face and She-Cat joins in. Luckily, Catwoman keeps the book and her life.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Skilled Cat Burglar



  • Cat O'Nine Tales