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Silver Monkey is a member of the League of Assassins.


In "Safe", Lady Shiva sends Silver Monkey to capture Dr. Jason Burr so that they can get the Ion Cortex. After the mission was a failure, Lady Shiva learned from Silver Monkey that Katana had faked her death and was helping to defend Dr. Jason Burr. Lady Shiva states that they will obtain the Ion Cortex another way and that Katana is now the bigger prize for the League of Assassins. Silver Monkey kept the discovery that Katana had the Soultaker Sword from Lady Shiva.

In "Family", it was revealed that Silver Monkey was working with Bethanie Ravencroft to lure Bruce Wayne to the location of the Argus Club in a ploy to get Katana to turn over the Soultaker Sword to him. He believed he kept the knowledge of the plan from Lady Shiva in order to get the Sword and displace her as leader of the League of Assassins, but Lady Shiva knew and had him punished and took the sword for herself.

In "Darkness", when Silver Monkey stalls the ninjas to allow Batman to escape, Lady Shiva takes on Silver Monkey by herself. After a close battle, it is implied that she used the Soultaker Sword's abilities on Silver Monkey.


  • Hand to Hand Combat (Advanced)
  • Gymnastics



  • Wrist Gauntlet Claws
  • Hidden Throwing Knives


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