Simon Burton is Maggie Kyle's dead husband. He was murdered by Black Mask who also forced Maggie to eat his eyes.


Catwoman (Vol. 3)

In Catwoman: Relentess: Part 1, Catwoman traces a group of small kids who are petty thieves. Once they run back to a church, Catwoman meets Maggie Kyle, her sister, whom she hadn't seen since Stan's death. She talked about how she eventually left to find a new life and explore the world. Moving to the West Coast, she met her future husband, Simon Burton. Years later, Simon's work transferred them to Gotham City.

In Catwoman: Relentess: Part 2, Selina invites her sister, Maggie Kyle Burton, to a dedication ceremony. Bruce Wayne dedicates the opening of the East End Community Clinic which was funded by the donations of an anonymous donor, which was Selina. That night, the building is blown up, apparently by her old friend Sylvia Sinclair. Yet, it ends with Simon Burton, Maggie's new husband, being kidnapped.

In Catwoman: Relentess: Part 3, the reunion was short lived though when
Simon Burton Being Kidnapped by Black Mask

Simon Burton Talking to Black Mask

Maggie was kidnapped by Black Mask, and brought together with her husband, all in an effort to hurt Catwoman.

In Catwoman: Relentess: Part 4, although Maggie was rescued by Selina, it was too late. She had been tortured and forced to eat her husband's eyes. Simon died at the hands of Black Mask.

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