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Slam Bradley is one of the first detectives, appearing a year before Superman first appeared.


Golden Age[]

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Slam loved to fight and was typically portrayed in the middle of one. His career was originally as a tough private detective. Slam often went undercover, as a teacher, a magician, a prizefighter and even a singer on the radio. His partner was an aggravating, buffoonish man named "Shorty" Morgan. Slam was not too original, he started out a slightly exaggerated version of Race Williams and other hard-boiled pulp detectives. Slam had many notable characteristics such as he was the first private eye to appear regularly in comic books, and he resembled Superman in features such as being tall, muscular, raven-haired and square-jawed and given his roots, that shouldn't come as a surprise. Decades later, Shorty was killed by drug dealers. In more recent years, the aged Slam joined a cadre of famous detectives, including Roy Raymond, Human Target, Captain Compass, and others to solve the murder of their fellow detective Archie Evergreen.

Modern Age[]

Slam is a private detective, in his late 50's, operating in Gotham City. He has one son working in the GCPD, Samuel Bradley Jr. Slam was once a cop working for the GCPD but quit after watching years of corruption. He decided to open up his own detective agency because he still wanted to help but not within the confines of the corrupted police force.

Slam has resurfaced in Gotham City, recently hired by the mayor of Gotham City to track down the current whereabouts of Catwoman; once she revealed herself to him, he agreed not to divulge her location to the mayor and has developed a working relationship with her.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Excellent Bar-Fighter. Slam possesses keen skills of deductive reasoning and is trained in various forms of investigation. Slam is also a master of disguise and possesses a talent for mimicry proficient enough to allow him to effectively work undercover.
  • In his prime, Slam possessed the strength level of a man his age, size and weight who engaged in intensive regular exercise. Although Slam is now middle-aged, he is still in top physical condition.