"With new and improved Joker Brand, I get a grin, again and again."

Events Surrounding

After Joker tainted all the chemical products at Axis Chemicals, the Axis Chemicals scientist assured him that over a million canisters had shipped. Shortly thereafter, he prepped a video "commercial" to alert Gothamites that all beauty products could cause death.

Joker's Commercial

Interrupting Action News

Becky Narita reports on the sudden deaths of models Candy Walker and Amanda Keeler, both fallen victim to Joker's version of DDID nerve gas. Immediately after, Becky interrupts her co-host Peter McElroy's segment with uncontrollable laughter. After this Becky fell backward and Rene called for a paramedic. Suddenly their broadcast was interrupted by Joker's commercial, the Director of Action News was unable to figure out where it was coming from.

Bruce's office

Bruce Wayne watched the commercial at Wayne Manor in shock. As it ended Alfred brought him the police file on Napier.



Behind the Scenes

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