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The Snake Woman was a thug who worked for Penguin, as a member of the Red Triangle Gang. As a snake charmer, she was always seen with a snake around her.


Lighting of the Tree Ceremony[]

The Snake Woman was likely present with the rest of the gang at Lighting of the Tree Ceremony. She later dined at the table in Arctic World with the rest of the hierarchy in the circus gang, witnessing the blackmail of Max Shreck at the Old Zoo.

Assault on Gotham City[]

She took part in the Assault on Gotham City, throwing a concrete rock through a store window while the gang was looting and creating chaos near Gotham Plaza once again.

Tampering with the Batmobile[]

The Snake Woman was later seen in the Cobblepot Office Building constructing missile launchers when Catwoman proposed the idea of framing Batman rather than simply murdering him. She assisted with the tampering of the Batmobile during the Relighting of the Tree Ceremony.

Kidnapping blue-chip children[]

She then later helped kidnap the first-born sons of Gotham's high society and lock them in the Organ Grinder's animal wagon train. In the midst of that heinous act she was defeated and captured by Batman.



The Snake Woman in a coloring book page confronts Catwoman.

Behind the Scenes[]

The Snakewoman was portrayed by a real life circus performer called "Flame"[1] who went uncredited in the final film. The Snake Charmer had a much more important role in the original Daniel Waters script, the first member of the gang shown to the audience. She dramatically turned her head revealing a red triangle drawn over her eye with lipstick, before sending her snakes to attack two police officers. Her role is the most minimal of all the gang hierarchy in the final cut.