The Sonar Batsuit was an auxiliary Batsuit with hi-tech "sonar" modifications.


Batman Forever

Batman was forced to use this costume after the Riddler destroyed the Batcave. After donning this outfit he piloted the Batwing to Claw Island. After being shot down by a laser beam, he battled Riddler's Frogmen guards underwater using a rebreather. In Nygma's tower Batman used his rocket boots to escape a death trap. Later he used his sonar lenses to guide his Sonic Batarang into's the Riddler's brain machine.

Batman & Robin

Another variation of the Sonar armor was created with Ice Armor when Mr. Freeze froze the entire downtown Gotham area. Batman piloted the Bathammer in this costume to Gotham Observatory, the source of the Freezing crisis.


Behind the Scenes

Jose Fernandez designed and sculpted the Sonar Batsuit under direction from Bob Ringwood and Joel Schumacher.


  • The choice to have two Batsuits in each film was encouraged as a way to increase toy sales.
  • An actor wearing the Sonar Batsuit appeared in the 2003 WB film, Looney Tunes: Back in Action, who was exasperated over Brendan Fraser ruining a movie scene in his pursuit of Daffy Duck.
  • The Sonar Batsuit was used by Christopher Nolan during auditions for the lead role in Batman Begins. It was worn by Christian Bale and Cillian Murphy among others. The torso used on the final costume bore a strong semblance the Sonar torso.
  • The sonar-lenses in Batman Forever served as a conceptual predecessor to the sonar-lenses that were featured in The Dark Knight.




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Batman & Robin

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