"The Mutants are dead. The Mutants are history. This is the mark of the future. Gotham City belongs to the Batman."
―Sons of Batman

The Sons of Batman are a vigilante group of youths inspired by Batman appearing in The Dark Knight Returns. Originally known as the Mutant Gang, under the command of the fierce Mutant Leader, the group came into conflict with Batman.

After Batman defeats the Mutant Leader, the group disbanded and became inspired by Batman, calling themselves the "Sons of Batman", calling the Dark Knight their true leader.

After faking his death, Batman took him under his wing at the end of The Dark Knight Returns, re-branded as the "Batboys," using non-lethal methods to deal with crime, and led by Carrie Kelley.

Biography Edit

After Batman defeats and incapacitates the Mutant Leader, members of the Mutant Gang become the "Sons of Batman", seeing Batman as their true leader, using excessively violent methods to deal with criminals, though initially they were only a little less violent than the Mutants. They gradually matured when Batman took them under his wing and taught them several non-lethal methods. They were given the opportunity to prove themselves when they assisted Batman and Robin in keeping order in Gotham City after a citywide blackout which had resulted in a spike of looting and violence in the city.

The Sons of the Batman, under the command of Carrie Kelley, are rebranded as the "Batboys," becoming an effective attack force for the crippled Bruce Wayne.

Weapons Edit

Unlike Batman, the Sons of Batman formerly used firearms such as shotguns and sub machine guns which means they killed criminals instead of imprisoning them. Additionally, they don't have the same protective armor which they substitute with weaker gear such as rubber suits and padded vests.

Trivia Edit

  • The Sons of Batman had some similarities to the Batmen from the Christopher Nolan film, The Dark Knight, namely being a group that was heavily inspired by Batman himself, and despite modeling themselves after Batman were also demonstrated to be perfectly willing to kill criminals despite it being something the real Batman was against. Unlike the Sons of Batman, however, Batman often fights against them (although he did fight against some of them back when they were under the command of the Mutant Leader).
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