Soozey was a beautiful young woman who lived in Gotham City (Though she may have just been visiting Gotham, as Bruce Wayne replies that "they're European" when one of the waiters at Puccio's approached him with a complaint about Soozey and Kiki swimming in a decoration pool "without proper swimwear").


Shortly before Ras al Ghul's assault on Gotham City, Soozey joined Bruce Wayne and Kiki at Puccio's. She and Kiki decided to take a swim in Puccio's decoration pool without Proper swimwear, thus leading to a waiter complaining to Bruce Wayne, with the latter ultimately buying the restaurant.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Soozey was the blonde woman. This is determined by her appearance in Batman Begin's novelization, which identifies her as the woman who was holding Bruce's right arm as they entered Puccio's.
  • Credited as Restaurant Blonde #2, even though 'Restaurant Blonde #1' (Kiki) was a brunette character.


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