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"Face to Face" to Aunt Harriet Cooper (Madge Blake)
Avatar to Batgirl Issue 71
Batgirl Issue 72 to Batman (LEGO Batman: The Videogame)
Batman (LEGO Video Games) to Batman Incorporated (Volume 2) Issue 5
Batman Incorporated (Volume 2) Issue 6 to Batman Issue 400
Batman Issue 401 to Batman Issue 711
Batman Issue 712 to Batwing (Volume 1) Issue 25
Batwing (Volume 1) Issue 26 to Birds of Prey Issue 97
Birds of Prey Issue 98 to Catwoman (Volume 2) Issue 59
Catwoman (Volume 2) Issue 6 to Colin Farrell
Colin Macfarlane to Detective Comics Issue 134
Detective Comics Issue 135 to Edogawa Yamashiro
Edogawa Yamashiro/Gallery to Gotham Academy (Volume 1) Issue 6
Gotham Academy (Volume 1) Issue 7 to Harvey Dent (Billy Dee Williams)
Harvey Dent (Earth-43) to John Alvin
John Astin to LEGO Dimensions
La Llorona to Maurice LaMarche
Max Eckhardt to Nightwing (Volume 2) Issue 132
Nightwing (Volume 2) Issue 133 to Peter Guber
Peter MacDonald to Renée Montoya
Repeller to Secret Six (Volume 4) Issue 12
Secret Six (Volume 4) Issue 13 to Suicide Squad Issue 60
Suicide Squad Issue 61 to The Clock King (Batman: The Animated Series)
The Clock King (Walter Slezak) to The Sandman Cometh
The Scarecrow to Warden Sharp
Warden sharp to Zsasz (Batman: Arkham Asylum)
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