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Speedy was Green Arrow's young side kick.

Episode appearencesEdit

In "Dawn of the Deadman," While tracking a criminal to London, Speedy and Green Arrow ran into Deadman and Batman. Both Deadman and Batman momentarily possessed Speedy to assist in defeat Gentleman Ghost.

Speedy later made a more significant appearance in "Sidekicks Assemble" where alongside Robin and Aqualad they form their own "crimefighting team" led by Robin. In the episode the team come to taking down Ra's al Ghul and his chloro cannon. Speedy much like his mentor Green Arrow mostly uses trick arrows to take down opponents and shows off his cryogenic arrows to shut down the machine on Ra's al Ghul's flying Island. At the end of the episode he calls Green Arrow a "total jerk" for having him do monotanous work such as fetching Green Arrow's Bow from a crocodile pit (and possibly sharpening arrows as referenced by Batman in "Color of Revenge")

He was also in the teaser for "The power of Shazam!" under Starro's control and shooting a "Starro-arrow" at Green Arrow's face.

It is possible that in Season 3, he will quit the codename of Speedy and leave Green Arrow. And will become Red Arrow.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Speedy acts like Robin, Batman's sidekick. He even says "Holy involuntary acrobatics!", and Robin's famous line in the 1960s Batman TV show was "Holy [something], Batman!"