"No, I made your favorite: a charred heart of black boar, a side of raw donkey meat, and a sterno and grain alcohol, straight up, baby!"
―Spice to Two-Face.[src]

Spice was a love interest for Two-Face. Spice stayed on Two-Face's sinister side and represented evil as opposed to Sugar, who stayed on Two-Face's good side. She was first featured in Batman Forever.



Spice and Two-Face.

Not much was known about Spice except that she was a love interest and henchwoman for Two Face's bad side while Sugar was on Two-Face's good side. When The Riddler tracked them down at Two-Face's Hideout, he showed The Box to Two-Face and demonstrated its capabilities on Sugar and Spice, with Riddler and Two-Face stealing part of Spice's IQ and promised that he would help them solve "The greatest Riddle of all, the mother of all Riddles: who is Batman?" in return for helping him steal production capital and place boxes all over Gotham City.


Spice on The Box.

They formed an alliance and hid out at Riddler's hideout at his factory that was called NygmaTech where Riddler developed a strong mind device to drain knowledge from the citizens of Gotham.

While the Riddler (under the identity of Edward Nygma) and Sugar were at the Ritz Gotham showing Gotham's elite his new improved box, Two-Face, Spice, and Two-Face's Thugs broke in and started to rob the guests, and were stopped by Batman.

After she found out from the Riddler and Two-Face that Bruce Wayne was Batman, Spice became part of a trap for the Dark Knight.

The Riddler invited Batman to Claw Island after he captured Dr. Chase Meridian and then Robin. Riddler told Batman him that he knew who he was and if they could truly co-exist. Sugar suddenly appeared, pulled down a curtain on a glass cylinder, and revealed Chase. Spice appeared, pulled down the curtain of the other one, and revealed Robin.



The Riddler gave Batman a choice to rescue Chase or Robin, but Batman distracted him by giving him a riddle of his own long enough for him to destroy the mind device, which warped the Riddler's mind in the process.

As Riddler's Lair exploded around them, Spice and Sugar escaped. What happened to them after that was unknown, but the novelization said that they disappeared from Gotham forever to avoid capture, while Two-Face was killed, and the Riddler was taken to Arkham Asylum and was declared insane.


Behind the Scenes Edit

  • In the original script, Spice was known as "Leather", while Sugar was known as "Lace".
  • It was implied that Two-Face preferred Spice, while Riddler preferred Sugar. 
  • In 2007, Debi Mazar stated on The View, that she was very depressed to the news of the filmmakers' decision to cast Tommy Lee Jones instead of Billy Dee Williams for the role of Two-Face.


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