Spinebender is a shape shifting thief that battled both Batgirl and Nightwing in Miami.


Spinebender was able to elude Batgirl in Gotham City while smuggling microchips that possess the technology required to create gear close to what the Bat family uses. He shifted into a regular person and then vanished into a crowd of people. Spinebender then traveled south to Miami to sell the microchip to a custom weapons manufacturer that goes by the name Asimov. Nightwing and Batgirl stalked out the location and waited for Spinebender to show up, but he was a step ahead of them. The villain tried to sneak attack Batgirl by hitting her in the head with a rock, but Nightwing jumped into action, tackling Spinebender away from the hero. He shape shifted into Nightwing and as the two were grappling Batgirl hit him in the face with a batarang. He tried to attack Batgirl but Nightwing tackled into him, sending them flying off of a balcony. As the two continued to fight, Spinebender wrapped his body around Grayson and began to crush him. They were knocked into a pool and Grayson used the electric taser in his costume, harming Spinebender. When analyzing the villain, he saw he was composed of a high concentration of silica. Grayson then lunged at the enemy, setting his taser to maximum and electrocuting him. The attack turned Spinebender into glass but the heroes said he was still alive.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Shape-shifting: Spinebender has the ability to shape-shift. As of now his limitations aren't clear, but we've seen him morph into a regular civilian and a perfect replica of Nightwing. He also has the ability to turn his hand into blunt and/or spiked weapons.
  • Mass Manipulation: Spinebender has shown the ability to expand and extend his body, often elongating his torso or arms.


  • Electricity: Because his body mostly consists of silica he is weak to electric based attacks.