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Dr. Stacy Baker first appeared in Batman: Arkham City. She is a doctor who is part of the Arkham City Medical Team led by Aaron Cash.


Batman: Arkham City[]

Cash positions his medical team, including Baker, in an abandoned church near the Solomon Wayne Courthouse. He and the medical professionals receive no assistance from the prison administrator, Dr. Hugo Strange, who provides only minimal medical care to the inmates. Instead, Cash is forced to beg Gotham City citizens for equipment and supplies. Bruce Wayne is the first to respond, donating security shutters for the church and body armor and supplies for the team. After discovering the external contributions, the furious Strange blocks the supply route, leaving the team on its own.

The Joker and his thugs capture the team inside the church in an attempt to force its doctors to treat his ailment. After Batman subdues the thugs guarding the team, Cash implores him to find Baker, identifying her as one of the good guys and telling him that she's been taken to another location in the city.

Despite her efforts, Baker is unable to readily devise a cure, so Harley Quinn and the Joker imprison her within the Sionis Industries Steel Mill to intimidate her into complying with their demands after initially considering using Mr. Hammer to execute her. However, before they are able to severely harm the restrained doctor, Batman breaks into the mill and rescues her. Afterwards, she informs Batman that the toxin in the Joker's blood is killing him, and that he blames something called "Titan." Batman instructs her to remain in the mill for her own safety.

After Arkham City Incident[]

After beating the Main Story when you return to the Steel Mill. She isn't seen where she was earlier. Meaning that she escaped the prison after Joker died.


  • She is the only member of the Medical Team not to be abducted by The Riddler.
  • She spoke with a pronounced accent, possibly noting that Gotham City was in New Jersey.
  • Using a RCB you can see her before she attacks you with a pipe. However using Detective Mode allows you to do the same thing.
  • She is voiced by Grey DeLisle