The Statue of Justice was a large statue that overlooked Gotham Harbor and bore significant resemblance to the Statue of Liberty in New York City. The head of the statue was partially damaged by Two-Face when he locked his helicopter on course to collide with it in an attempt to kill Batman. The face of the statue was also depicted on both sides of Two-Face's Coin.

It is based on the Statue of Freedom which appeared in the comics as Gotham City's analogue to the Statue of Liberty.

In Other Media

Batman: The Animated Series

The statue was where Batman first encountered the Society of Shadows during their quarrel with Count Vertigo over a sonic drill. The statue was subsequently damaged after a boat crashed into it during Gil Mason's attempted framing of Commissioner James Gordon. He was, however, apprehended by Batgirl.

The Batman

The Statue of Justice got defaced by The Joker in "The Rubberface of Comedy".

Batman: Arkham Knight

The statue was the location of Azrael's final challenge to prove that he's worthy of being Batman's successor. It's also the location of Deacon Blackfire's sacrifice ritual.

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