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Steeljacket is an enemy of Batman who is a human/bird hybrid.


New Earth[]

Steeljacket is a killer who was genetically augmented with bird DNA. This gave Steeljacket claws and wings but greatly deteriorated his bone structure by giving him metal bones, which meant he had to use an armor to support himself. Steeljacket was also left with a horrifyingly disfigured appearance and red eyes.

Steeljacket was responsible for multiple mob-related murders before being caught by Robin and sent to Blackgate Prison. Steeljacket had his wings amputated but would be able to achieve flight again via a specialized winged mech-suit. In prison, he seemingly gained the reputation of being a cannibal.

No Man's Land[]

During No Man's Land, Steeljacket was amongst the prisons harboured in Blackgate under the tyrannical rule of Lock-Up alongside KGBeast and the Trigger Twins. When the criminals caught Nightwing in their territory, the Ventriloquist convinced various criminals including Steeljacket to team-up with the vigilante and escape. Fellow conspirator Mad Hatter later lied to Lock-Up about Steeljacket having eaten Nightwing, showing a skull as evidence.

This operation was ultimately a success and Blackgate was later taken as Batman's territory.

Prime Earth[]

The Steeljacket of Prime Earth is named Gunther Nash. Nash was an inmate of Arkham Asylum when Talons invaded it to kill Jeremiah Arkham.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Ave physiology: Steeljacket has DNA spliced with that of a bird.
    • Claws: Steeljacket has sharp talons which he can use as weapons, even when out of his exo-suit.
    • Flight: Steeljacket has hollow bones, allowing him to fly with a specialized wing suit.