"Besides, I made your favorite tonight: sparkling champagne... and yummy poached salmon with little itty-bitty quail eggs and... a creamy... dreamy... lemon soufflè."
―Sugar to Two-Face.[src]

Sugar was a moll that appealed to the good side of Two-Face. Sugar was the embodiment of sweetness and light.


Not much was known about Sugar except that she was a love interest and hench-woman on Two-Face's good side, while Spice was Two-Face's bad side.

When the Riddler tracked them down at Two-Face's Hideout, he showed The Box to them and promised that he would help them solve "The greatest Riddle of all, the mother of all Riddles: who is Batman?" in return for helping him steal production capital and place boxes all over Gotham City.

Sugar on The Box.

They formed an alliance and hid out at Riddler's hideout at his factory that was called NygmaTech where Riddler developed a strong mind device to drain knowledge from the citizens of Gotham.

NygmaTech party subterfuge

Sugar with Edward Nygma at his celebratory party.

Sugar posed as Edward Nygma's date at the Ritz Gotham to help him show his new improved box to Gotham. Her true purpose for being there was to get near Bruce Wayne at the opportune moment and make sure the Box was functioning properly. Sugar was chosen to do this because she can pass for an ordinary person without changing her usual look, unlike Spice. When she saw Bruce Wayne (Nygma's ex-employer), Sugar said to Edward: "He is too cute. How come you don't look so good in that suit?" Edward was furious, and told her that she was there to work, not to stare at Bruce Wayne. After he urged Bruce to try the machine himself, Edward danced with Bruce's date, Dr. Chase Meridian. Bruce went up to inspect the machine.

Sugar showing Bruce Wayne Nygma's invention.

Sugar took the opportunity to follow Bruce, and asked him if he was looking for something. Bruce covered up his panic by telling her that he was just wondering how it could be turned off. She showed him by removing a green tube from the control panel. But while Bruce went in, Sugar secretly put another one in, which was what Edward had planned all along, in order to read Bruce's mind.

Claw Island "game show" assistant

After finding out from the Riddler and Two-Face that Bruce Wayne was Batman, Sugar became part of a trap for The Dark Knight. The Riddler invited Batman to Claw Island after he captured Chase and then Robin. Riddler told Batman that he knew who he was and if they could truly co-exist. Sugar suddenly appeared, pulled down a curtain on a glass cylinder, and revealed Chase. Then, Spice appeared, pulled down the curtain of the other one, and revealed Robin.

The Riddler gave Batman a choice to rescue Chase or Robin, but Batman distracted him by giving him a riddle of his own long enough for him to destroy the mind device, which warped the Riddler's mind in the process.

As Riddler's Lair exploded around them, Sugar and Spice escaped. What happened to them both after that was unknown, but the pair still know Batman's secret identity.


Promotional portrait taken by Herb Ritts.

Behind the Scenes

Sugar was played by Drew Barrymore.



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