"Killin' Time"

After their plane crashed over Yucatán in Mexico, the Suicide Squad was captured and drugged by what seems to be the last remaining tribe of Mayans who still perform ritual sacrifices. Now, they must do whatever they can to escape their bonds before King Shark and El Diablo become the first sacrifices.

Fortunately, a team of armed operatives rappels down onto the pyramid, come to the squad's rescue. Surprisingly, though, they are not Waller's men. They are Basilisk, and they are led by Captain Boomerang. He is quite eager to take revenge on Deadshot - to the extent that he drags him from the back of his four-wheeler, all the way back to the Basilisk headquarters.

Regulus comes out to greet the squad, easily defending himself against each member of the squad, and subduing them. He reveals that he knows everything about them, welcoming them to their new home; the Masada. The Masada is essentially a concentration camp, and Regulus believes that a war is coming. He plans to bring order to chaos, letting those who are not with him fall.

Boomerang leads the squad to their cells, eventually getting into another verbal altercation with Deadshot. This evolves into a fist fight, but confusingly, Boomerang's demeanour changes, and it becomes clear that he never did convert to Basilisk's beliefs, and has been working as a spy for Waller, all the time. They get the others free, and make an escape, hoping to get out of the compound with the help of Basilisk members whose dissent has grown enough that they would betray Regulus.

Despite fighting their way to Regulus, the Captain Boomerang is suddenly on the receiving end of a massive shock. They all turn to see that Black Spider has betrayed them. They warn that he will not be able to take them all out, but he has used hypnosis to implant a trigger word in all of the squad except Harley and Deadshot. As he expects to be overpowered, Deadshot warns that Waller will simply send another task force after Basilisk, should Task Force X die.

Black Spider reveals that there is already a plan in place to prevent Waller's retaliation. They are prepared to hold her family's lives hostage.


"Killin' Time"



  • Mexico
    • Yucatán
    • Masada
  • Louisiana
    • Lafayette


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