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Summer Gleeson was a news reporter and anchor in Gotham City. Summer hoped of one day getting the story on the identity of Batman.


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Summer Gleeson was one of Gotham's biggest celebrities, as well as media figures. She started out working in newspapers, and local public television. Summer was able to work her way to the big time in Gotham. She was soon a fixture around high society and the entertainment business. Her fame came at a price. She was kidnapped by The Joker and by Lock-Up, and was kidnapped, alongside Bruce Wayne, by one of his old enemies, Kyodai Ken. That didn't stop her though. She continued to report news where it happened. In the episode Night of the Ninja, Bruce Wayne revealed to Gleeson that he has some martial art training, as the reporter previously researched that Bruce once stayed in Japan. However, he only demonstrated himself to be a decent fighter, and nothing like Batman. Further, he did not fight at his best until Gleeson was unable to see. Gleeson later made a cameo appearance as part of a flashback in Batman Beyond.


Batman: The Animated Series[]

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  • Summer Gleeson served as a substitute for Vicki Vale in the series, with the exception she did not have a relationship with Bruce Wayne
  • Though her presence in the series declined over time, she was very prominent in The Batman Adventures tie-in comic series.
  • Summer has been adapted into comcs in Batman: Gotham Knights #33. Other versions have also appeared in comics set in alternate universes, such as Harleen and Batman '89.