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Superman is a superhero who was forced to work for the government after the Justice League of America disbanded.

Unlike most mainstream iterations of Superman, this world's Superman is effectively a government errand-boy who blindly follows the orders of his authorities without question. He is also shown to have much more of a god/superiority-complex in regards to other people.


Superman: Year One[]


Due to the coming destruction of the planet Krypton, Kryptonian scientist Jor-El placed his infant son in a spaceship which he sent to Earth.

Superman's capsule landed in Smallville, Kansas where the baby used telepathy to manipulate the farmer Jon Kent into adopting him as his own. The Kents were simple country-folk with Jon Kent having been misogynistic and dismissive towards his wife Martha.

In high-school, Clark got a taste for heroics when he saved his classmate Lana Lang from being assaulted by the school bullies. Following this, Clark and Lara exposed the bullies in the school's newspaper.

Upon reaching young-adulthood, Clark decided to enlist in the U.S. military's Navy. Here he was rigorously trained and learned to become an expert marksman. Here, Clark developed a love for combat and for violence though he did feel discomfort in taking the lives of others.


After leaving the navy, Clark first donned the Superman costume as a means of courting a mermaid named Lori Lemaris. To see this through, he voyaged to Atlantis in-order to gain the blessing of Lori's father Poseidon, the Greek God of the Seas. To gain this blessing, Clark was forced through several trials by the Olympian.

After this, Superman went on to live an idyllic life with Lori in Atlantis. Things changed when a submarine with Metropolis journalist Lois Lane came to the sunken city and was subsequently attacked by the Atlantean forces. Superman saved her and then ran away with her to Metropolis


In Metropolis, Superman finally became a superhero who used his powers to save the innocent and stop injustices. This was until he came face to face with Lex Luthor, a billionaire who manipulated Superman into agreeing to fight an eco-terrorist vigilante in Gotham City known as, "The Batman".

Superman travelled to Gotham where he summoned Batman with the batsignal. The two superheroes proceeded to butt-heads and trash talk one another with Batman futilely trying to throw every attack and gadget he had at his disposal against the Man of Steel to no avail. The two went on to fight only for Superman's first blow to be stopped by Wonder Woman who suddenly appeared to stop them from fighting.

All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder[]

Superman, irritated by Batman's kidnapping of Dick Grayson, sought to arrest him, but argued with Wonder Woman, who desired to kill him. The two argued heatedly over the issue, but their argument ended in a kiss, revealing a romantic relationship between the two. Wonder Woman then agreed to wait before acting on her own to put Batman down.

Hunt the Dark Knight[]

Superman, many years after the events of All Star, had become a weapon of the U.S. government in the ongoing Cold War after the disbanding of the Justice League and the retirement of Batman. He detested being used as a government weapon, but saw that it was the only way he could do any sort of good.

After Superman hurled a Russian warhead into a desert, it suddenly detonated, causing a massive explosion which flung millions of dust and debris into the atmosphere, resulting in a darkness which spread throughout the globe and altered the weather conditions indefinitely.

Strangely enough, due to Batman and his new army (the Sons of the Batman) supplying Gotham with the equipment necessary for survival in the harsh weather conditions, Gotham had become relatively peaceful, while other countries in the world have fallen into mass chaos.

The government, seeing this as a humiliation, sent Superman to defeat Batman. The two battled in Crime Alley, the very place where Batman's parents were killed by an unnamed robber. Even with his strength-enforcing armor, Batman was cornered after Superman crushed three of his ribs and destroyed his wrist.

However, Green Arrow, who allied himself with Batman prior to the battle, fired a Kryptonite-tipped arrow which exploded in Superman's hands and rendered him powerless. Superman was then utterly crushed by Batman, who viciously attacked him with all his might.

Batman then grabbed Superman's throat and stated "I want you to remember the one man who beat you..." before seemingly dying as a result of a sudden heart attack.

Superman attended Batman's funeral, where, as he was just about to leave, heard Bruce's heart beat. Realizing that Bruce used chemicals to simulate death, Superman went towards a young girl, who he knew was the new Robin, and winked, silently approving of the events to come before leaving.

The Dark Knight Strikes Again[]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Heightened Brain Development: Clark was shown to have capability of complex-thoughts and social-skills since his infancy.
  • Telepathy: As an infant, Kal-El used some form of telepathy to persuade the Kents to adopt him.
  • Underwater Breathing:
  • Heat-ray Vision:
  • Enhanced hearing:
  • Super-Strength:
  • Super-Speed:
  • Flight:
  • Invincibility:


  • Expert Marksman:


  • Kryptonite Radiation: