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"Swamped" is the fifth episode of the second season of The Batman.


There's a new villain in town. Killer Croc has created a small team of regular thieves and is trying to rob all of downtown Gotham, by submerging it in water!


At nighttime in Gotham, Killer Croc swims in the bay while three criminals carry some jewels in an alleyway. As they head to their car, one criminal sees Croc's shadow from above, thinking it is Batman. Croc jumps down, crushing their car's hood. When Croc greets them and tells them they work for him now, the leader of the three criminals orders the other two to beat up Croc, but they are easily subdued by Croc's reflexes and physical strength. The leader asks Croc who he is, and the latter introduces himself as "Killer Croc, but you can call me boss."

Now daytime in the Batcave, Bruce reads the news regarding seemingly unrelated heists ranging from the theft of jet skis to the theft of explosives. As Bruce tries to think of a connecting link, Alfred gathers the weapons and items used by Batman's adversaries, including Scarface's robotic head and Riddler's hourglass. He tells Bruce that the items should be preserved and collected for future exhibition. Just then, Bruce figures out the link between the crimes is water-areas such as docks.

Later that night, Batman spies on a small boat next to a bigger ship and sees the small boat's crewman aboard the large ship taking some supplies. As one of the three criminals hoists up the crane, Batman hangs on it, surprising the crane operator. Batman easily takes down the three of them while Croc watches on top of the boat's cabin. Croc jumps down and shows himself to Batman, immediately using some pressurized gas tanks to knock down Batman, who dodges the gas tanks. Batman lunges at him but is surprised by Croc's reflexes, but manages to land one punch onto Croc's stomach. Croc lunges back at Batman, grabbing him as they dive off the boat into the bay in an attempt to drown Batman. Batman quickly breaks free and punctures one of the gas tanks at the bay's bottom, using the tank's buoyancy from the air pressure to launch upward above the water.

Batman saves some breath but sees Croc and his three henchmen drive off in their boat. In Gotham's sewers, the three henchmen emerge in one part and complain about Croc's choice of headquarters. Croc, in the sewer's water, overhears one of the men complain and comes out, making the frightened henchman retract his complaint. In the Batcave, Alfred informs Bruce that his batsuit is dry, and the Batwave alerts Bruce. A television report states that Gotham is beginning to flood, and rescue crews are in the process of saving the city's residents while trying to find out the flood's cause. Another Batwave alerts Bruce of three bank robberies in the city's financial district, so Bruce dresses and heads out.

In the flooded Gotham, Killer Croc and his three men swim while carrying money bags. As they get on their jet skis, Batman shows up riding on his own jet ski. Croc orders his men to take the money while he confronts Batman. He drives towards Batman and then drives away, but the caped crusader soon catches up. The henchman leader shows up to aid his boss, and Croc knocks Batman off his jet ski into the water, and Croc orders his lieutenant to stave off Batman while the former drives away. The henchman drives toward Batman, but the latter batclaws out of the water and knocks out the henchman. Soon, the henchman wakes up upside down and Batman interrogates him about Croc's plan. After the henchman gives a little information, Batman transforms his jet ski into an underwater glider and dives into the city's sewers.

Batman arrives at a dry area in the underground sewer and finds Croc's stolen money and jewels. In addition, he discovers some maps of the schematics of Gotham's canals. Croc shows up and tells Batman about the city's sewer pumps that drain the canals into the bay, and Croc elaborates that he wants to reverse the process to submerge the city below sea level. Batman urges him that tens of thousands of lives will be lost, but Croc shows no concern, angering Batman. As Batman clenches his fists, Croc summons two crocodiles from the sewer to fend off Batman while the former escapes. Batman outsmarts them and uses an exploding Batarang to collapse the ceiling onto the crocodiles.

At the canals' pumps, Killer Croc reverse the pump's draining, but Batman shows up and knocks Croc away from the pump control while using a bola to tie up Croc's henchmen. As Batman attempts to push up the heavy pump in the other direction, Croc gets back up and beats up Batman and throws him into some nearby water. Croc reverse the gear again, making the sewer pipes take in the water and flooding the canals. Batman gets back up, but Croc tries to discourage him by saying downtown Gotham will be flooded by the time he can try anything. Batman knocks some mud into Croc's eyes and partially reverses the pump, but Croc wrestles Batman into the water. The two exchange blows and Batman manages to trick Croc into biting the pump gear in a way that reverses the pump.

As the canals clear, Croc wrestles Batman deeper into the sewer water to drown him, but Batman breaks free and puts on his oxygen mask. Croc swims up and Batman grabs his tail while using the Batclaw to keep Croc from emerging to catch some air. Soon, Batman emerges from the water carrying an unconscious Croc. The next day, Batman is seen chaining Croc to a large statue as the police arrive, who apprehend Croc. At the Batcave, Bruce greets Alfred and brings him Croc's tooth as an addition to Batman's trophy collection, and Alfred says he will archive the tooth right away.

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  • Unlike various other versions of the character, this version of Killer Croc is smart, reminiscent of how his character was in his earlier appearances in the comics.

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