The Sword Swallower was a thug who working for the Penguin, as a member of the Red Triangle Circus Gang.


Lighting of the Tree Ceremony

This Sword Swallower was one of the gang members that emerged the giant red gift box at Gotham Plaza. He threatened Chip Shreck with his blade in attempt to kidnap his father, Max Shreck. Later that evening he dined with the rest the gang hierarchy in the Arctic World exhibit of the Old Zoo.

Ransacking the city

The Sword Swallower followed the Red Triangle Gang members when the Poodle Lady's dog blew up a building. Batman suddenly appeared to halt the crime. Quickly, Batman drew the sword from the man's mouth and incapacitated him. Batman then used used his sword to cut a bomb from the chest of the Thin Clown, who attempted a suicide bombing.

Tampering with the Batmobile

The Sword Swallower later assisted with the tampering of the Batmobile during the Relighting of the Tree Ceremony.

Kidnapping blue-chip children

Later, he tried to steal a child in accordance with Penguin's plans to kidnap the first-born sons of Gotham. After loading the boy onto the Organ Grinder's train he was soon was captured by Batman offscreen.


Video games

Behind the Scenes

The Sword Swallower was played by circus performer John Strong, who also played Firebreather in the Red Triangle Gang.

In Other Media

  • In the Super Nintendo game, if you punched the Sword Swallowers while they still a sword down their throat, they died instantly.
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