"However, according to Mayor Garcia's funeral speech, Loeb had instituted policies that were deemed unfavorable by the public, which may or may not imply corruption."

I believe "controversy" would be a more suitable term than "corruption" - his stance against Batman's vigilance is probably the most notable example of controversy that has been displayed. I can't speak for the unspecified enactments Garcia hinted at, but based on the personality of his that was portrayed throughout the film, he more so appears to be a character with stubborn viewpoints when it comes to governing the police department (for example, Mayor Garcia mentioned that he'd only be willing to assume his position if his politics were kept out of his office in the police department), but it's not necessarily symptoms of corruption; more so a well-meaning man who intends to stop crime, but is not very passive in complying with the viewpoints of others because he believes his idealogy to be the best.

I'm not sure if your opinions would differ or not, however. Naero (talk) 18:20, August 16, 2012 (UTC)

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