Possible fates

I was thinking if we could include a 'Theories' section for possible ideas on what might have happened to Smith. If that is fine, I was thinking of these possibilities:

  • If he stayed at Intensive Treatment, he was likely killed by Scarecrow, fed to Killer Croc by Joker's thugs, or found somewhere to hide.
  • If he left Intensive Treatment before Scarecrow and Joker's men invaded the area, he was likely to have been killed by Poison Ivy's mutated plants, found somewhere to hide or found a way off the island.

Fulgore2005 22:02, September 21, 2010 (UTC)

Personally, I think Smith survived the game; most named guard characters did. Several theories have been proposed to Smith's demise:

  • 1. He was eliminated by the Joker's thugs when they retook Intensive Treatment (Most likely theory).
  • 2. He went out to Arkham West to fight the Joker and was killed (Debunked due to the corpse claimed to be his).
  • 3. He was killed by Poison Ivy's plants or possibly possessed by their mind-controlling spores. (Vaguely Possible)
  • 4. He was fed to Killer Croc. (Impossible. The inmates wouldn't have risked getting that close to Croc's lair just to throw in some worthless security guard for meat.)

Unfortunately, I don't wish to have theories or speculation in the article. Let's keep this strictly factual, shall we? --Duel44 02:37, September 23, 2010 (UTC)

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