Clean Up

Okay, since this article is in desperate need of a cleanup for years now, I gave it a shot. Apparently some people didn't approve of my edits, and rather discuss it and try to gradually approve upon it, they simply reverted back to the cluttered page that is in still in need of construction. How will this page get any better like that? So here I my thoughts behind my edits.

1: Parenthesis are being used way too often in the article and even when they are not necessary. Some of the sentences within the parenthesis go on for over three lines until they are nothing but run-on sentences. Using commas and semicolons makes the article look much more organized.

2: Parts of this article sound like they were made for a walk-through, while the general intent for a wiki is to simply informed.

3: There were tons and tons of spelling errors and grammatical errors, especially in the parenthesis.

I understand that my edits were not perfect, but I honestly thought they made the page a slight bit better. Even if they weren't perfect, reverting the page back the original with the mass amounts of errors is accomplishing nothing and will not help make this page better. We should change the edits, which have corrected most of the spelling, instead of simply reverting with no explanation.

There is a layout to the articles that should be adhered to. Although the article is a mess, this version is closer to the layout than the edits you made. I will gladly restore your edits if you were to keep to the format and style of this wiki. - Doomlurker 18:05, November 19, 2011 (UTC)
Okay, thank you for explaining. I just thought it would be better to just point it out so I could fix it and integrate it with my edits, rather than just reverting the article. Anyway, thanks for the explanation-jokethatkills0617
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