Scarecrow is fucken aswome!!!

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The Bronx was called "The Borough of Universities"... because of the numerous Schools, Colleges and Universities. In the development of "Batman" in 1939, at first, there were no Super Villians so to speak, as Batman was more depicted as a vigilantie in a Bat Costume. In the minds eye of both Bob Kane and Bill Finger more was needed to give "Batman" a more Superhuman personna. It is very possible that the villian, Dr. Jonathan Crane was accutally created based on someone that was accually dismissed or fired? Yes... I agree that the Crane Character seems a la "Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving. Historically... Washington Irving, did meet Edgar Allen Poe at one time or another and the tie of "Batman" being created at "Poe Park" becomes a no brainer. So where does the gimmic creation of the Super Villian "The Scarecrow" fit into this? 

Just like My Family... Both Bill and Cousin Bob lived a few blocks from "Poe Park" and were in the same age generation as My Dad and Aunt, nor was it to my present knowledge how close they interacted with Cousin Bob? In 1939, the movie "The Wizard of OZ" came to the screen. It becomes obvious that Bill and Bob saw the movie. In the movie... Actor-Performer, Ray Bolger played "The Scarecrow". 

Ray Bolger got his start in Vaudville and performed in various live stage shows. A few block from "Poe Park" was "The Windsor Theater". It was known that Bolger performed there also. 

He was also on Gotham, S1E15 20:33, October 13, 2015 (UTC)

Scarecrow's birthday

I tried to edit this page to add this information, but since it's locked from further edition, the one who can edit it should add it themselves. According to the 1976 DCU calendar, Jonathan Crane's birthday is on November 16. So that makes him a Scorpio?! Hardly surprising, since Scorpios have something of a dark side to them. 17:36, June 14, 2016 (UTC)

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