Tallyman II appears at the end of Detective Comics #817 as a new character apart of the "One Year Later" storyline. During Batman: Face the Face, he defeats several villains in the Penguin's employ (including KGBeast, Magpie, the Ventriloquist, and Orca). Tally Man II even shows up at the Orca's household to finish off her husband, Terry Capshaw, who is being questioned by criminal-investigator Jason Bard at the time. Tallyman II then fires at Jason Bard's arm as he is reaching for his gun. While holding Jason Bard at gunpoint, he reveals his alias, then fires at Jason Bard at point blank range. At the same time, however, Jason Bard uses his cane to trip Tallyman II, firing at Jason Bard's arm again. A struggle ensues, wherein Jason Bard, using his martial-arts training, knocks Tallyman II out with a swift kick. It is later revealed that Tallyman II is the gunslinger who had fatally fired at the villains with Harvey Dent's gun and is working as an enforcer for the Great White Shark. Tallyman II commences his activities during the year Batman and Robin are absent from Gotham City. He has apparently spent time at Arkham Asylum.

Powers and Abilities

Skilled Sharpshooter


Has been shown to carry a special double-barreled handgun, but this was only to help frame Two-Face. He later uses a laser-sighted pistol.

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