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|Character Name=Temblor
|Character Name=Temblor
|real name=Unknown
|real name=Tobias Jones
|aliases= the Temblor
|aliases= Temblor
|actor= [[Jim Cummings]]
|actor= [[Jim Cummings]]
|appearances=''[[The Batman]]''}}
|appearances=''[[The Batman]]''}}

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Temblor is a villain created specifically for the animated TV show, The Batman. Temblor uses specially made metallic gloves which have two yellow circles, that, when activated and slammed into the ground, can create small earthquakes. Temblor can also create powerful soundwaves by clapping his hands together. Temblor is voiced by Jim Cummings.

He first appeared in the episode "Batgirl Begins, Part One". Pamela Isley secretly hires him to take down businesses which disrespect nature. When Temblor later finds out that Pamela refuses to pay for a job he left uncompleted and that she is just a teenager, he attacks them until Batman arrives. During the fight, plant chemicals fall on Isley, beginning her transformation into Poison Ivy, and Temblor is defeated.

Temblor later makes a cameo as one of the many villains incarcerated by vigilante Rumor. During the villain fight against Batman and Robin, he was accidentally frozen by Mr. Freeze.

Temblor appears as one of the many criminals loose in Gotham in an issue of The Batman Strikes!, Waiting to Pounce, when Batman is forced to fight him after numerous criminals escape Arkham Asylum due to Catwoman. Temblor appears in another issue, in the Joker's group of villains in How To Take On a Room Full of Goons, and is defeated along with Mr. Freeze in an amusement park.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Temblor has the ability to create localized seismic activity and can produce concussive blasts of sound. Both are due to his special gauntlets which are comprised of an unknown technology.


The BatmanEdit

Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit

The Batman Strikes!Edit

  • Issue #24
  • Issue #32

Voiced byEdit

  • Jim Cummings (English)
  • Hiroshi Shirokuma (Japanese)
  • Stefano Albertini (Italian)
  • Jose Santa Cruz (Portuguese)
  • Mikolaj Klimek (Polish)


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