The "Made Of Wood" Killer is an enemy of Batman and the Green Lantern who debuted in Detective Comics #786 (November, 2003). He often kills people with wooden bats due to being devastated after the Sportsmaster destroyed his store.


Samuel Sullivan was an Irish immigrant in the early 20th century who moved to Gotham City after regarding the United States Of America as "the land of opportunity." He witnessed the Sportsmaster defeating the Green Lantern with a wooden bat, but lost all of his faith when the sporty villain destroyed his store. Samuel Sullivan was so devastated that he murdered the mayor (whom he thought had given the Gotham Citizens "false hopes") with the wooden bat, carved "Made Of Wood" into his chest, and placed his body in front of a statue of the Green Lantern that the mayor had erected for him. This was established as Samuel Sullivan's modus operandi until he was incarcerated in Arkham Asylum in December 1948.

"Made Of Wood" Killer II

Samuel Sullivan's son, Seamus Sullivan, was an Irish mobster who was mocked by those of his kind. When Seamus passed away, his only possession, a small chest of drawers, went to his grandson, Francis Sullivan. Francis discovered his grandfather's notebook, so he donned the mantle of the "Made Of Wood" Killer. He was defeated by the Green Lantern, Batman, and Commissioner Gordon.


  • Wooden bat.

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