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The Batman is a 2022 Batman movie. It is the first to be directed by Matt Reeves and stars Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro, Peter Sarsgaard, with Andy Serkis, and Colin Farrell. The film was released in theaters on March 4, 2022. The success of the film gave birth to The Batman Saga, with a Penguin streaming series spinoff and a sequel titled The Batman: Part II currently in production.


During Halloween of Batman's second year, Mayor Don Mitchell Jr. is murdered by a masked killer. The body is left with a message directed towards Batman, leading Gordon to call him in to help investigate. Before being ordered to leave by Commissioner Savage, Batman finds a cryptograph on the scene and, with help from Alfred, learns that it is a clue to the location of a thumb drive. On it, he discovers evidence of Mitchell's association with the Falcone Crime Syndicate and a woman outside the Iceberg Lounge, a front run by the Penguin.

Infiltrating the Iceberg Lounge, Batman meets with Penguin to identify the woman, during which he meets waitress Selina Kyle. After realizing she knows the person he's looking for, Batman follows her and learns she is Annika Kosolov, Kyle's roommate and best friend. As Kyle breaks into Michell's home to steal back Annika's passport, Batman confronts her on the murder, though learns she isn't responsible. Whilst they are gone, Annika disappears and Savage is murdered by the killer in a live stream, who identifies himself as "the Riddler".

Learning that both Savage and Mitchell frequented an underground nightclub called the 44 Below, Batman sends Selina into the club to uncover evidence with surveillance equipment. Meeting District Attorney Gil Colson, they learn that both Mitchell and Savage were connected to the bust of drug baron Sal Maroni, during which they used a high-level informant to get information for the arrest. After she encounters Carmine Falcone, Selina cuts off communication with Batman after he challenges her relationship with the mobster. Meanwhile, Colson is captured by Riddler, who rigs him with an explosive collar.

The following day, Bruce attends Mitchell's funeral to see if Riddler is in attendance, during which he encounters both Falcone and Mitchell's rival Bella Reál. However, the event is interrupted by Colson, who is forced to crash it with his car by Riddler. With Batman and the GCPD both responding, Riddler livestreams the event and the DA to solve three riddles, revealing his corruption and identifying the informant. Despite Batman's help, Colson refuses to identify the informant, leading to his death.

From the evidence they've gathered, Batman and Gordon realize that Riddler is targeting officials linked with the informant and suspect their identity to be Penguin. Tracking him to the Eastside Deport, they discover that Falcone has taken over the development of the narcotic Drops, previously run by Maroni. During it, Selina attempts to steal from Penguin and his men, discovering Annika's body as Batman confronts her. Penguin and his men soon discover them, with Batman giving chase to the mobster whilst Kyle escapes.

As they interrogate Penguin, Batman and Gordon learn that they have misinterpreted one of Riddler's clues, discovering links to the abandoned Gotham Orphanage. Their investigations reveal that Riddler is a former resident with a grudge against the Wayne family. Bruce is sent an explosive letter intercepted by Alfred, who is nearly killed examining it. Whilst he recovers, Batman meets with Selina, who reveals herself to be Falcone's illegitimate daughter, and asks for his help in capturing Annika's killer.

Riddler leaks information that Thomas Wayne had once hired Falcone to cover up information about Martha Wayne's history with mental health, leading to the murder of a journalist. When Bruce confronts Falcone on the news, he confirms the information and claims that Maroni had killed them for fear of having his family in his pocket. Alfred also confirms this, though reveals that his father had actually objected to the murder and threatened to blow the whistle on Falcone's operations.

Summoned to the lit Bat-signal, Batman and Gordon find Catwoman interrogating a captured Kenzie, a cop under Falcone's payroll. The corrupt officer reveals that Falcone had been using funds for the Gotham Renewal Program set up by Thomas Wayne to fund his activities, using its charitable status to operate undetected. From a recording sent to Selina's phone, they also learn that Falcone was the informant on the Maroni case and had murdered Annika due to Mitchell passing the information to her. Whilst Selina decides to kill Falcone in revenge, Batman has Gordon leak the recording to the press and infiltrate the Iceberg Lounge to stop her. As Falcone is taken into police custody, he is assassinated by the Riddler, who is arrested shortly afterward.

Whilst investigating Riddler's apartment, Batman and the GCPD learn he is Edward Nashton, a forensic accountant who'd uncovered the conspiracy whilst investigating the Renewal Corporations' accounts. Uncovering further evidence and another message to him, Batman realizes Riddler has further plans and suspects he may have deduced his identity. Visiting him in Arkham, he learns that Nashton actually admires the vigilante and had committed the crimes under the belief that they were working together, though is unaware of Batman's identity. During the interrogation, Riddler lets slip that he has left clues to his plan in his apartment, leading Batman to reinvestigate.

He soon discovers Nashton has radicalized other citizens and is actually planning to assassinate Reál and tear down Gotham's political structure. Riddler also has planted explosives on Gotham's seawalls, using the floods to attack its citizens and distract emergency services from his followers' attack. However, Batman discovers these as the bombs detonate, flooding the city and forcing many civilians to seek shelter as Reál is announced as the city's new mayor. As Nashton's followers attack the event, he works with the GCPD and Catwoman to thwart the group. After defeating them, Batman helps services rescue and evacuate civilians caught in the destruction.

In the aftermath of Falcone's death, Cobblepot takes control of the remainder of his empire. At Arkham, Nashton befriends another inmate in an adjoining cell, who promises he will do better next time. During a final meeting with Batman, Selina reveals her plans to leave the city and tries to convince him to come with her. However, he refuses, and they share a final ride together. With Gotham thrown into chaos due to floods, Bruce vows to continue protecting the city and use the identity to inspire hope in its citizens.


  • Luke Roberts as Thomas Wayne
  • Stella Stocker as Martha Wayne
  • Sandra Dickinson as Dory
  • Jack Bennett as Travis Cromwell
  • Andre Nightingale as Ritchie
  • Richard James-Neale as Glen
  • Lorraine Tai as Cheri
  • Joseph Balderrama as Lead Detective
  • James Eeles as Another Officer
  • Angela Yeoh as Forensic Photographer
  • Leemore Marrett Jr. as Muscle Cop
  • Ezra Elliott as Tactical Medic
  • Vic Waghorn as Gotham Fire Chief Sheddon
  • Max and Charlie Carver as The Twins
  • Elliot Warren as Train Gang Leader
  • Jay Lycurgo as Train Gang Initiate
  • Mark Klileen as Vinnie



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Transition from the Snyder/Affleck era

In its initial production period, The Batman originally started out as a film in the DC Films shared universe continuity, a follow-up spinoff from 2017's Justice League. The initial treatment was co-written by Geoff Johns and Ben Affleck, who portrayed Batman in the films and was set to direct it. The initial draft would have seen Batman dealing with an Arkham breakout organized by Deathstroke, who sought revenge for the death of his son at the Dark Knight's hands. Despite initially being slated for 2018, Affleck dropped out of directing in January 2017, claiming it was due to concerns about his well-being.

By April 2017, Matt Reeves was brought in to replace him the next month and allowed a year to finish production on the film War of the Planet of the Apes. The initial plans were for Reeves to direct Affleck's script. Though impressed, Reeves disagreed with the more action-driven direction and convinced Warner Bros to allow him more creative freedom. Affleck's script was then abandoned for Reeves to rewrite with Peter Craig. Warner Brothers wanted the third act amended so Mattson Tomlin brought in to re-work the the third act. Tomlin went uncredited due to not contributing a high enough percentage of the words.

By August 2018, it was revealed the film would be a noir-detective story and focus on the early years of Batman but would not be a retelling of his origin. By early 2019, it was decided the film would no longer be set within the DCEU and was going to take influence from Zero Year and The Long Halloween, with a stronger emphasis on detective work than previous Batman films.


In January 2019, it was reported that the film would release in July 2021. In the following May, it was reported that Robert Pattinson was the front-runner to be cast as Batman and was later cast that month. The new Batmobile was designed by Ash Thorp of ALT Creative, Inc. In September, Jeffrey Wright was in talks to play Gordon. In October, Zoë Kravitz and Paul Dano joined the cast as Catwoman and the Riddler, respectively. Actor Jonah Hill was also reported to be in talks to play a villain (reportedly Penguin) but dropped out due to a financial dispute.

Composer Michael Giacchino, who had worked with Reeves on various projects prior, also joined the crew as composer that month. In November, Collin Farrell was in talks to play Penguin and Andy Serkis was being sought to play Alfred. The same month, Jayme Lawson and John Turturro joined the cast as Bela Reál and Carmine Falcone. In December, Peter Sarsgaard joined the cast as Gil Colson, though his role remained secret until the following March.


Sometime in December 2019, a tweet reportedly said that a special location in Cardington, Bedfordshire has been reserved for a funeral scene that will be filmed in February. It was also said that people from ages 18-70 are being sought for special roles in the film, presumably funeral guests. Though not confirmed, some speculate that this could be Thomas & Martha Wayne's funeral—however, it should be noted that the film won't be an origin story, and some say it will be for a completely different character. Later on in December, a picture was tweeted showing the cathedral location surrounded by mini airship probs. At another point in December 2019, it was rumored that Robert Pattinson's Batsuit could be based on the design that was previously posted as somewhat fan art by Lee Bermejo. The post was then deleted, possibly unintentionally confirming that that would indeed be the final design.

On January 4, 2020, Jeffrey Wright, the actor who will portray Commissioner James Gordon in The Batman, tweeted with the caption saying as follows "Woke up jet-lagged at 10 pm thinking I was late. 4:45 am now. Off to Gotham 🦇". This means that filming is starting soon. Another tweet had been posted by a person named: Jordan Lee, saying that he was in Thames, and saw cop cars labeled 'Gotham Police', as well as a van called 'Gotham Action News 4 HD', and finally a truck with the logo of 'Gotham Water & Power', so filming is slated to start around this time. Pictures were also leaked of a tall man with white bleached hair and an umbrella, most said that it could be The Penguin, and that Colin Farrell would be playing him. After the leak, Matt Reeves officially confirmed of Colin Farrell's casting, tweeting a pic of him with the caption "Wait --- is that you, #Oz ?". More pictures also stormed the internet, showing a possible picture of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, in a full motorcycle suit on a motorbike, along with a picture of Wayne Tower.

On January 27, 2020, Matt Reeves released a tweet with a picture of the movie Clipper with "The Batman" logo, revealing its FPS and such, the caption was "#DayOne #TheBatman cc: @GreigfraserD". The next day, the 28th, Warner Bros released the press release revealing the cast for The Batman along with their roles, revealing that Jayme Lawson would be playing mayoral candidate: Bella Reál, and that Peter Sarsgaard would be playing Gotham District Attorney: Gil Colson. Along with two new members joining the cast, Alex Ferns as Commissioner Pete Savage and Con O'Neill as Chief Mackenzie Bock.

On February 13, 2020, Matt Reeves posted a video on Vimeo releasing the Camera Test for the Batsuit. The Batsuit was revealed with Robert Pattinson wearing it. Along with Michael Giacchino's score as the background music, Jeffrey Wright posted a picture of a white light coming out of a circular object, indicating the Bat-Signal.

From February 18 to February 21, numerous set leaks were posted, including bill-board about a "Gotham Renewal Corporation" and decorative pumpkins, indicating the Halloween setting. A full-on set video, revealing the full Batsuit, with a stunt double in it, and revealing the brand-new Bat-Bike. Additionally, a casting list was revealed that said it was in need of "performers that could perform with fire-breathers, and also puppeteers were needed for a scene in an upcoming action movie". Sometime in early March, Matt Reeves released 3 teaser images revealing the Batmobile and the full Batsuit with Robert Pattinson in it.

Production Delays

On March 14, 2020, it was announced that The Batman would shut down filming for 2 weeks due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. On March 25, Reeves confirmed that it would indefinitely shut down until it is safe for them to film again. The release date was also pushed back to October 1, 2021, to accommodate the extra months of production.

On September 1, 2020, actor Alex Ferns revealed that filming had resumed via Twitter, though his tweet and account were deleted shortly afterward. Two days later, it was reported that Pattinson had tested positive with COVID-19, forcing production to be halted once again. After two weeks of onset quarantine, filming was reported to have been restarted again. On October 5, 2020, it was announced that release date of The Batman would be pushed back again, this time to March 4, 2022.

Return to Filming

After the production delays, The Batman was reported to have resumed filming on October 12, 2020, in Liverpool, UK. Scenes were shot at St George's Hall through October 16, 2020. On October 17, 2020, it was reported that filming was now to take place in Chicago, where Batman Begins and The Dark Knight had also been shot. Despite the UK going into lockdown for four weeks, it was reported that filming was allowed to continue in Liverpool.

On March 13, 2021, Reeves tweeted out that filming had finished. Many reports had predicted that it would wrap up in the month. Additionally, Jeffrey Wright also hinted at his return in the role of Commissioner Gordon, potentially alluding to the Untitled Gotham PD series. On June 21, it was reported that reshoots would take place during July, both in Glasgow and York, with both Pattinson and Farrell expected to return for them.


On September 18, 2021, Reeves tweeted an image of him in an editing room. This also showed a screen with showing Pattinson's Batman and the extendable grapple gun. Michael Giacchino also shared a video of him conducting an orchestra to record the film's soundtrack.

On January 12, 2022, the MPA bulletin revealed that the film would officially be rated PG-13 by the MPA (Motion Picture Association).




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During the film's production, The Batman was intended to kickstart a new Batman cinematic universe focusing on the film's version of Gotham. These also included direct two sequels to The Batman. According to interviews, Reeves and Pattinson were interested in featuring Robin in the films. They also expressed interest in multiple villains, including Mr. Freeze, the Court of Owls and Hush. On January 31, 2023, the first sequel was announced as The Batman: Part II and was scheduled to be released in October 2025.

TV Spin-Offs

During production suspension, it was announced that Reeves would be teaming up with Terence Winter to develop a HBO Max series to serve as a spin-off. Set during Batman's first year, it is reported to be focused on the corruption in Gotham and center around GCPD. During DC Fandome, Winter revealed it would focus on a corrupt officer and the battle for his soul. During November 17, 2020, it was reported that Winter had left production of the spin-off due to creative differences. In January 2021, it was reported that Joe Barton had been brought on to replace him as showrunner. However, the series was eventually dropped, apparently to concern about the series' protagonist being a corrupt cop.[1]

During late 2021, a spin-off focusing on the film's version of Penguin is under development for HBO Max. It is reported to follow his rise to power in Gotham's underworld and see Farrell reprise his role.[2][3] The Penguin was later commissioned in March 2022 after the film's release.[4] The series is set to be released in 2024.

A third series, currently titled"Arkham", is also in production. The series is described to be a horror anthology series focusing on characters within Arkham State Hospital and their origins.[1] In addition, several reports have indicated other villain-based spin-offs in the works for various villains, including Scarecrow, Clayface and Professor Pyg.[5]