The Batman Adventures is a DC comic book series featuring Batman. It is different from other Batman titles in that it is set in the continuity (and style) of Batman: The Animated Series as opposed to the regular DC Universe.

The Batman Adventures was created to tie-in with the then new Batman: The Animated Series. And as the animated series changed with each successive re-branding and relaunch over the years, so too did The Batman Adventures. The success of Batman Adventures has also led to a set of "Adventures" titles mirroring the animated series that followed Batman: The Animated Series, including Batman Gotham Adventures (based on The New Batman Adventures) and Batman Adventures (based on Justice League).

The Batman Adventures (1992 - 1995)Edit

Based on Batman: The Animated Series, the first series ran for 36 issues, 2 annuals and 2 specials (Mad Love and Holiday Special, which were both adapted into episodes for The New Batman Adventures). The first Annual introduces Roxy Rocket who would later appear in The New Batman Adventures episode The Ultimate Thrill and the Superman: The Animated Series episode Knight Time.

The Batman Adventures: The Lost YearsEdit

Shortly after The New Batman Adventures began airing on Kids WB!, DC Comics published a five issue miniseries titled The Batman Adventures: The Lost Years. This series bridged the gap between the end of Batman: The Animated Series and the start of the new show.

Additional CharactersEdit

While there were many characters who never appeared in Batman: The Animated Series, the comics from The Batman Adventures to Batman Adventures would occasionally introduce and features characters who never made it to the screen,the most notable of these being Anarky from The Batman Adventures #36





Title Material collected
The Batman Adventures #1-6
Batman The Dark Knight Adventures #7-12
The Batman Adventures: The Lost Years #1-5
The Batman Adventures: Dangerous Dames and Demons The Batman Adventures Annual #1-2</br > The Batman Adventures: Mad Love</br > Adventures of the DC Universe #3 (Back up story)|}