"Topsy Turvy" is the tenth episode of the first season of The Batman.


Batman investigates a crime bearing the stamp of his arch-enemy The Joker, despite the fact that Joker is currently and has in fact remained locked up in Arkham since Batman first put him there. A trail of victims encased in larger than life playing cards leads Batman to the bizarre truth: Joker's plan is to turn those who were responsible for putting him away in jail, all fifty-two of them, into giant playing cards, in which the only thing they can move is their eyes.Joker’s ultimate plot is to turn his enemies into a full deck of cards and then toss them into the Gotham River!

Joker leaves Batman behind in the cell and begins his escapade into the city as Batman struggles against time to put a halt to the Joker's mad plot!

Voice Cast and Characters


  • Judge Wigzell is a reference to Tramm Wigzell.
  • The fake Joker's smile moves.
  • Yin's shoes appear on her feet after she falls out of the card.

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